Dawson Hollow

New Band, Familiar Faces!

Dawson Hollow is a new, up and coming indie/folk band from the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. The members of this group have cut their teeth and earned their chops with years of touring under their belts, each learning music from a young age, they have toured all over north America from Florida to Alaska. Pulling from their roots in americana music while yet tapping into the modern sounds of today, they have emerged with a fresh new sound.

Born and bred from six generations of musicians, this five sibling band… (yes, they are all siblings) has a career spanning over 15 years, touring all over the country. Though they have always pushed the boundaries of their multi-genre acoustic shows, their passion for music has now developed beyond their classic organic sound to infuse the raw, visceral, heart and soul of rock n’ roll, and indie-folk music. Dawson Hollow is the result of this unique journey.

As a family they have played music together since 2002. Though they have grown up in a world of music, traveled over 500,000 miles, and performed almost 2,500 shows… Dawson Hollow is BRAND NEW! Their original songs are about their stories, heritage, dreams, heartbreaks and redemption. People who’ve embarked on the journey of their live performance say that these songs simultaneously make them long for home and family, while also inspiring them to take risks and go on adventures. This music is for the dreamer in everyone, inspiring the courage to explore new dimensions in life and in musical expression.

If you want to support their mission to make incredible music, you can visit Kickstarter to learn more. We look forward to hearing them at this years New Glarus Family Fest!